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About the conference:        

EuroSciCon warmly respects each one of the individuals and supporters from worldwide to attend “European Summit on Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology” during February 19-20 2019 in Prague, Czech republic which includes prompt keynote presentations, Oral talks (Speaker Forum and Young Research Forum), Poster presentations, Symposium, Workshops and Exhibitions. The theme “Novel Research and Innovations in Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

What is Pharmaceutics?

Pharmaceutics is the discipline of pharmacy that deals with the process of turning a new chemical entity (NCE) or old drugs into a medication to be used safely and effectively by patients. It is also called the science of dosage form design. There are many chemicals with pharmacological properties, but need special measures to help them achieve therapeutically relevant amounts at their sites of action. Pharmaceutics helps relate the formulation of drugs to their delivery and disposition in the body. Pharmaceutics deals with the formulation of a pure drug substance into a dosage form. Branches of pharmaceutics include:

  • Pharmaceutical formulation
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Dispensing pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Physical pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutical jurisprudence

Pure drug substances are usually white crystalline or amorphous powders. Historically before the advent of medicine as a science it was common for pharmacists to dispense drugs as is, most drugs today are administered as parts of a dosage form. The clinical performance of drugs depends on their form of presentation to the patient.


Pharmaceutical Technology is the authoritative source of peer-reviewed research and expert analyses for scientists, engineers, and managers engaged in process development, manufacturing, formulation and drug delivery, API synthesis, analytical technology and testing, packaging, IT, outsourcing, and regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Pharmaceutical Technology combines scientific aspects that are critical in the development and manufacture of new drugs, handling of medicines and medical devices. It consists of a number of categories:

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Process Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Drug Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs


The conference invites  Directors, Group Leaders, Professors, Associate Professors, professors Lecturers, Research Associates, Scientists, Investigators,  business delegates from Leading Universities, Pharmaceutical companies, Formulation Scientists, Medical Devices, Researchers, Health care professionals, across the globe providing a better podium, interconnecting the latest research, technological developments in the arena as well as therapeutic aspects. Participating at Pharmaceutics And Pharmaceutical Technology International conference will be an excellent opportunity to meet eminent personalities in the fields of pharmaceutics and learn about the latest technological advancements in Pharmaceutics And Pharmaceutical Technology systems.


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For Universities, Associations & Societies:

  • Association Partnering
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  • Academic Partnering
  • Group Participation

For Students & Research Scholars:

  • Poster Competition (Winner will get Best Poster Award)
  • Young Researcher Forum (YRF Award to the best presenter)
  • Student Attendee
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For Business Delegates:

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About Prague, Czech Republic:         

Prague is the capital and largest city in the Czech Republic, the 14th largest city in the European Union and also the historical capital of Bohemia. Situated in the north-west of the country on the Vltava river, the city is home to about 1.3 million people, while its larger urban zone is estimated to have a population of 2.6 million. The city has a temperate climate, with warm summers and chilly winters.

Prague is home to a number of famous cultural attractions, many of which survived the violence and destruction of 20th-century Europe. Main attractions include the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, Old Town Square with the Prague astronomical clock, the Jewish Quarter Since 1992, the extensive historic centre of Prague has been included in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

The city has more than ten major museums, along with numerous theatres, galleries, cinemas and other historical exhibits. An extensive modern public transportation system connects the city. Also, it is home to a wide range of public and private schools, including Charles University in Prague, the oldest university in Central Europe.






Drugs and Regulations

Drugs & Regulations are very important in aspects of Pharmaceutical sciences where it deals with Drug safety, Cost effectiveness, Drug rediscovery, Pharmaceutical services, Role of pharmacists, Radio Pharmaceuticals and Multiple drug use etc. The regulation of drugs varies by jurisdiction. In some countries, such as the United States, they are regulated at the national level by a single agency. In other jurisdictions they are regulated at the state level or at both state and national levels by various bodies, as is the case in Australia.

  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Drug safety
  • Implementation of pharmacogenetics in USA
  • Health care management and providers
  • Clinical Pharmacy Services: patient compliance
  • Regulations and organizations
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Good governance in pharmacy
  • Online pharmacies
  • Multiple drug use
  • Halal medication
  • Role of pharmacists
  • Drug rediscovery


Novel Drug Delivery Systems

The method by which a drug is delivered can have a significant effect on its efficacy. Some pharmaceutical drugs have an optimum concentration range within which maximum benefit is derived, and concentrations above or below this range can be toxic or produce no therapeutic benefit at all. On the other hand, the very slow progress in the efficacy of the treatment of severe diseases, has suggested a growing need for a multidisciplinary approach to the delivery of therapeutics to targets in tissues.  

  • Liposomes
  • Liquid Crystals
  • Phonophoresis
  • Lontophoresis
  • Chronotherapeutics
  • Drug Loaded Erythrocytes
  • Dendrimers
  • Demerits
  • Gold Nanoparticles
  • Hydrogels
  • ProPrietary Novel Drug Delivery System of Plant Actives and Extracts


Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology

Sometimes called, molecular manufacturing is a branch of engineering that deals with the design and manufacture of extremely small electronic circuits and mechanical devices built at the molecular level of matter. Nanotechnology is also being applied to or developed for application to a variety of industrial and purification processes. Purification and environmental clean-up applications include the desalination of water, water filtration, wastewater treatment, groundwater treatment, and other Nano remediation.

  • Nano-mechanisms for molecular Systems
  • Nano biomaterials and biopharmaceuticals.
  • Nano-drugs
  • Nanotechnology and clinical applications
  • Nanotechnology in medicine and in targeted drug delivery
  • Nanotechnology in cancer research
  • Pharmaceutical engineering
  • Bio nanotechnology and BioMEMS
  • Nano-mechanisms for molecular System

Industrial Pharmacy

Industrial Pharmacy also plays a crucial role in any drug discovery. To any novel drug discovery the industrial approach is very important to get massive commercial application. Few things which have to be considered by industries to provide a safe and cost affective medicine to the patients like Supply chain, Waste management, Product management, Post- marketing surveillance, Good manufacturing practices and Marketing.

The U.S. pharmaceutical market is the world’s most important national market. Together with Canada and Mexico, it represents the largest continental pharma market worldwide.

  • Waste management
  • Product management
  • Post- marketing surveillance
  • Good manufacturing practices
  • Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Process Validation

Quality is always an imperative prerequisite when we consider any product. Therefore, drugs must be manufactured to the highest quality levels. End-product testing by itself does not guarantee the quality of the product. Quality assurance techniques must be used to build the quality into the product at every step and not just tested for at the end. In pharmaceutical industry, Process Validation performs this task to build the quality into the product because according to ISO 9000:2000, it had proven to be an important tool for quality management of pharmaceuticals. Quality cannot be adequately assured by in-process and finished inspections and testing but it should be built in to the manufacturing process. These processes should be controlled in order that the finished product meets all quality specifications. Validation is one of the important steps in achieving and maintaining the quality of the final product. If each step of production process is validated we can assure that the final product is of the best quality. Validation of the individual steps of the processes is called the process validation. Different dosage forms have different validation protocols. Process Validation is one of the important steps in achieving and maintaining the quality of final product. It gives a higher degree of assurance.

  • Process Validation and Drug Quality
  • Approach to Process Validation
  • Statutory and Regulatory Requirements for Process Validation
  • Types of Process Validation
  • Validation Protocol and Report

Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Industry

This track discusses about the new techniques and innovation of biosimilar drugs that play a major role in pharmaceutical industry in reducing the cost of manufacturing and lowering the risk of side effects and maintaining the quality.

  • Purpose and Principles of GMP
  • R&D and way to Innovation of New Medicines
  • Pharmaceutical Process Validation
  • Regulatory Requirements

Drug Delivery Research

Drug delivery describes the tactic and approach to delivering medicine or and different xenobiotics to their site of action inside an organism, with the goal of achieving a therapeutic outcome. problems with pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics area necessary concerns for drug delivery. Designing and developing novel drug delivery systems, with attention on their application to sickness conditions. diagnosis and clinical knowledge associated with drug delivery systems. Drug distribution, pharmacokinetics , clearance, with drug delivery systems as compared to ancient dosing to demonstrate helpful outcomes. short and long biocompatibility of drug delivery systems, host response. Biomaterials  with growth factors for stem-cell differentiation in regenerative medication and tissue engineering. Devices for drug delivery and drug/device combination product.

  • Liposomes
  • Future aspects of Drug Delivery
  • Major Challenges in Drug Delivery
  • Current Features in Drug Delivery
  • Versatile Polymers in Drug Delivery
  • Optimization Techniques in Drug Delivery
  • Drug Development
  • Partnering Opportunities
  • Drug discovery

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

A rising field in the business is Cosmeceuticals relates pharmaceutical medications and customary restorative items and knowing the advances in the field and learning of Skin Biology and Pharmacology encouraged the improvement of Pharma in makeup. The sources in pharmaceuticals are starches and they make an assortment of commitments. This incorporates from fastener to sweeteners (sugarless) in this manner bringing about items as divergent as toothpaste, tablets, emulsions, salves, fluid meds and creams. Starch is additionally utilized widely in social insurance items, corrective and make up. These are half and half items which purportedly upgrade excellence by using fixings by advantageously cooperating with our body's natural capacities

  • Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Inject-able Cosmetic treatments
  • Acne therapy
  • Facial Cosmetics and role of Pharmacist

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical Marketing is characterized as the matter of advancing or publicizing the offer of Pharmaceutical medications. It is additionally alluded as Pharma advertising or medico-promoting. Pharmaceutical Marketing brings issues to light about Treatments for Chronic Diseases. The prime contributing components to be considered in Pharma promoting are developing dangers, express raising costs, changing purchaser needs and fixing controls, internationally. 

  • Evolution in Pharma marketing
  • Pharma marketing strategies
  • Pharma market research
  • Pharma market research
  • importance of Emerging Markets


Radiopharmaceuticals utilized as Diagnostic and helpful specialists. The principle gathering of these mixes are utilized as the radio tracers to analyse the unhealthy tissues in a body.

  • Radiopharmaceutical Usage
  • Bio-engineering in Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Engineering models in biomedicine
  • Bionic human


Pharmacological Sciences

Pharmacology is the study of the biochemical and physiological effects of active ingredient on humans. The various aspects of pharmacological sciences are Behavioural pharmacology, Medical Pharmacology, Cardiovascular pharmacology, Endocrine pharmacology, Clinical pharmacology, Urogenital pharmacology, Pharmacokinetics, Neuropharmacology, Immune pharmacology, Cognitive models of the brain, Neural models of memory, Functional modes of the brain, Neuropsychology, Cognitive neuroscience and neurosystems.

  • Behavioural pharmacology
  • Cardiovascular Pharmacology
  • Cognitive neuroscience and neurosystems
  • Neuropsychology

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is the science that covers all technologies required for producing, manufacturing and registration of biological drugs. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is an increasingly important area of science and technology. The Pharmaceutical Biotechnology is widely spread, ranging from many ethical issues to changes in healthcare practices and a significant contribution to the development of national economy. Biotech drug makers essentially use those microorganisms or highly complex proteins from genetically-modified living cells as components in medications to treat various diseases and conditions, from cancer to rheumatoid arthritis to multiple sclerosis. Unlike pharma companies, biotechnology focus primarily on research and development, this begins with the discovery of novel compounds, which then convoy into the clinic for further testing.

  • Bioformulations
  • Vaccines and Antibiotics
  • Nucleic Acid Products
  • Biologically inspired Pharmaceutics
  • Microarray Technology
  • Industrial Biotechnology

Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Studies

Pharmacokinetics portrays how the medicament gets impacted after organization, trailed by ingestion, dispersion, digestion systems and discharge of the medication substance. Pharmacokinetic learning help prescribers to change measurements all the more precisely and correctly. Clinical energy is characterized as the uses of pharmacokinetic standards in the sheltered and sufficient administration of individual patient. Dangerous pharmacokinetics is characterized as the utilizations of pharmacokinetic standards to the outline, conduct and translation of medication security assessment thinks about.

Pharmacodynamics depicts biochemical, physiological, and sub-atomic impacts of medications on the body and includes receptor authoritative (counting receptor affectability), post receptor impacts, and synthetic responses. The pharmacologic reaction relies upon the medication authoritative to its objective. Pharmacodynamics is characterized as the connection between sedate fixation at the site of activity and the subsequent impact. The impact of a medication introduce at the site of activity is estimated by sedate receptor official.

  • Dose- response relationship
  • Absorption
  • Distribution
  • Metabolism
  • Receptor binding and effects
  • Dose calculation
  • Therapeutic window
  • Toxic effects

    Pharmaceutical Microbiology and Sterilization

Sterilization is a procedure used to decimate or wipe out feasible microorganisms that might be available in or on a specific item or bundle. Sterilization is a basic idea in the arrangement of clean pharmaceutical items. It's principle point is to give an item that is sheltered and dispenses with the likelihood of presenting contaminationIt's principle point is to give an item that is sheltered and dispenses with the likelihood of presenting contamination.


Biopharmaceutical Principle of Drug Delivery

Biopharmaceutical contemplations including factors influencing the assimilation the medication substances from various organizations courses. The major biopharmaceutical contemplations in the structure of medication items are

·         Pharmacodynamic thought

·         Medication Consideration

Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical drug specialists work specifically with doctors, other wellbeing experts, and patients to guarantee that the prescriptions endorsed for patients add to the most ideal wellbeing results. Clinical drug specialists hone in medicinal services settings where they have successive and customary communications with doctors and other wellbeing experts, adding to better coordination of consideration.


Pharmacovigilance , otherwise called medication security, is the pharmacological science identifying with the gathering, identification, evaluation, checking, and anticipation of unfavorable impacts with pharmaceutical items. The etymological roots for "pharmacovigilance" are: pharmakon (Greek for medication) and vigilare (Latin for to keep watch). All things considered, pharmacovigilance vigorously centers around antagonistic medication responses, or ADRs, which are characterized as any reaction to a medication which is poisonous and unintended, including absence of viability (the condition that this definition just applies with the dosages typically utilized for the prophylaxis, analysis or treatment of ailment, or for the adjustment of physiological issue work was barred with the most recent revision of the relevant enactment)


Pharmacogenomics is the investigation of the job of the genome in medication reaction. Its name mirrors its joining of pharmacology and genomics. Pharmacogenomics investigates how the hereditary cosmetics of an individual influences his/her reaction to drugs. It manages the impact of obtained and acquired hereditary minor departure from medication reaction in patients by associating quality articulation or single-nucleotide polymorphisms with pharmacokinetics (tranquilize ingestion, dispersion, digestion, and disposal) and pharmacodynamics (impacts interceded through a medication's natural targets). The term pharmacogenomics is frequently utilized conversely with pharmacogenetics.


Top Pharmaceutical Universities

Around the world :

Harvard University  | University of California, San Francisco  | University of Oxford  | University of Cambridge  | UCL (University College London)  | Karolinska Institutet  | University of Michigan| University of Nottingham | Leiden University | The University of Tokyo | Purdue University | King's College London  | Yale University  | Johns Hopkins University | University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill  | National University of Singapore (NUS) | Seoul National University  | The University of Manchester | University of Minnesota | University of California, San Diego (UCSD) | Monash University | Peking University | Kyoto University  | University of Copenhagen | ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology| Uppsala University  | Duke University | Imperial College London| University of British Columbia | University of Toronto | University of Alberta | University of Southern California | Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich |Freie Universities Berlin | The University of Hong Kong  | University at Buffalo SUNY | University of Pennsylvania | University of Washington | The University of Sydney | National Taiwan University (NTU) | University of Wisconsin-Madison| University of Texas at Austin| KU Leuven | University of Geneva | Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)| The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) |Universidade de Sao Paulo | The Ohio State University | University College Cork | University of Helsinki

USA Pharmaceutical Universities

University of North Carolina | University of Minnesota | University of California | University of Michigan | University of Texas |Ohio State University | University of Illinois | University of Kentucky | Purdue University | University of Florida | University of Maryland | University of Pittsburgh | University of Southern California | University of Washington  | University of Wisconsin | University of Arizona | University of Iowa | University of Tennessee Health Science Cente | University of Utah | Virginia Commonwealth University | University of Kansas | University at Buffalo | University of Colorado | University of Mississippi | Auburn University | University of California | University of Georgia | University of Nebraska Medical Center | University of Oklahoma | Medical University of South Carolina | Rutgers University | University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences | Northeastern University | University of Cincinnati | University of Connecticut | Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center | University of Missouri | Wayne State University (Applebaum) | West Virginia University | Creighton University | Oregon State University | Univ. of the Sciences-​Philadelphia Col of Pharmacy & Science | Washington State University | St. Louis College of Pharmacy | University of Houston | University of New Mexico | Butler University | Drake University | Duquesne University (Mylan) | Mercer University

Asia Pharmaceutical Universities

The University of Tokyo | National University of Singapore (NUS) | Kyoto University | University of Hong Kong (HKU) | Peking University | Seoul National University (SNU) | National Taiwan University (NTU) | Osaka University | Tsinghua University | The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) | Fudan University | The Hong Kong | University of Science and Technology (HKUST) | Taipei Medical University | Mahidol University | KAIST Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology | Yonsei University | Shanghai Jiao Tong University | Nanyang Technological University (NTU) | Chulalongkorn University | Tohoku University | Tokyo Medical and Dental University | Kyushu University | Nagoya University | Hokkaido University | Sungkyunkwan University | University of Science and Technology of China | Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH) | Korea University | Universiti Malaya (UM) | Zhejiang University | Keio University | Indian Institute of Science | Tokyo Institute of Technology | Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) | Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) | Beijing University of Chinese Medicine | National Tsing Hua University | Nanjing University | Kyung Hee University | National Yang Ming University | University of Indonesia | University of the Philippines | University of Tsukuba | Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) | Hanyang University | Indian Institute of Technology Bombay (IITB) | National Cheng Kung University | Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) | Beijing Institute of Technology | University of Delhi

Africa Pharmaceutical Universities

University of Pretoria | University of Cape Town | University of the Witwatersrand | University of KwaZulu-Natal | University of Johannesburg | Universiteit Stellenbosch | North-West University | University of the Western Cape | University of Nairobi | The American University in Cairo | University of Lagos | Ahmadu Bello University | Rhodes University | Cairo University | University of Ibadan | Universiteit van die Vrystaat | Universidade Eduardo Mondlane | Cape Peninsula University of Technology | University of Khartoum | University of Nigeria | Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University | Addis Ababa University | University of Fort Hare | University of Ilorin | Tshwane University of Technology | Durban University of Technology | Mansoura University | Jimma University | University of Namibia      | The German University in Cairo | Makerere University | Obafemi Awolowo University | Namibia University of Science and Technology | Kenyatta University | University of Ghana | University of Dar es Salaam | University de la Reunion | University of Botswana | Sudan University of Science and Technology | University Mohammed V | Ain Shams University | Benha University | University des Frères Mentouri de Constantine 1 | University Cadi Ayyad | The International University of Management | Assiut University | Covenant University | University of Zimbabwe | University des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumediène

Europe  Pharmaceutical Conferences

12th  World Congress  on  Pharmaceutical Sciences and Innovations in Pharma Industry  February 26- 27, 2018  London, UK ; 14th  International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology April 09-11, 2018 Amsterdam, Netherlands; 11th European Biosimilars April 26-27, 2018 Rome, Italy ; 15th Annual European Pharma Congress  May 07-09, 2018 Frankfurt, Germany ; International conference on Pharmaceutical Chemistry june 18-20, 2018 Dublin, Ireland ; 20th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Biotechnology December 07-09, 2017 Madrid, Spain ; Pharmaceutical Conferences ; 16th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutics & Novel Drug Delivery Systems March 19-21, 2018 Berlin, Germany ; EuroSciCon ; 7th World Congress on Mass Spectrometry June 20-22, 2018 Rome, Italy ; 11th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmacovigilance & Drug Safety June 21-22, 2018 London, UK ; Pharma Conferences ; 4th World Congress and Exhibition on Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance June 14-15, 2018 Barcelona, Spain ; 16th International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Formulations July 26-27, 2018 Rome, Italy ; Novel Drug Delivery Conferences ; Top Pharmaceutical Conferences ; 4th International Conference and Expo on Drug Discovery, Designing & Development September 06-07, 2018 London, UK; 6th International Conference on Advanced Clinical Research and Clinical Trials September 10-11, 2018 Zurich, Switzerland; NDDS Conferences ; 8th World Congress on Chromatography September 13-14, 2018 Prague, Czech Republic; 18th Annual Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis Congress November 05-06, 2018 Madrid, Spain ; EuroSciCon Conferences

USA Pharmaceutics Conferences                                                    

5th International conference on Stress Diseases and Medicine October 24-25, 2018 Boston, USA; 2nd World Congress on Embryology and In Vitro Fertilization March 30-31, 2018 Orlando, USA;  International Conference on Nano Medicine and Nanoparticles April 18-19, 2018 Las Vegas, USA ; 4th International Conference on Antibiotics: R&D, B2B April 20-21, 2018 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA ; International Conference & Exhibition on Biologics and Biosimilars March 26-27, 2018 Orlando, Florida, USA ; EuroSciCon Conferences ; Pharma Conferences ; Global Summit on Biopharma and Biotherapeutics May 14-15, 2018 Montreal, CanadaGlobal Neuropharmacology and Neurochemistry Congress Los Angeles, CA, USA October 1-2, 2018 ; Top Pharmaceutical Conferences ; 5th International Conference on Natural Products & Marine Drugs June 04-05, 2018  Baltimore, Maryland, USA ; Pharmaceutical Conferences ; International Conference on Biobetters and Regulatory Implications June 27-28, 2018 Vancouver, Canada; EuroSciCon ; 34th International Conference on Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals Oct 31- Nov 01, 2018 San Francisco; 13th International Conference on Biologics and Biosimilars October 24-25, 2018 Boston ; NDDS Conferences ; 13th International Conference on Biopharma and Biotherapeutics October 24-25, 2018 Boston, Massachusetts, USA; 12th World Drug Delivery Summit September 24-25, 2018 Chicago, Illinois, USA; 7th International Conference on Clinical Trials September 24-26, 2018 Chicago, USA ; Novel Drug Delivery Conferences ;15th International Conference on Pharmaceutical Formulations & Drug Delivery September 17-18, 2018 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Asia Pharmaceutics Conferences

2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery May 14-16, 2018 Tokyo, Japan; 2nd International Conference and Exhibition on Pharmaceutical Development and Technology May 14-15, 2018 Tokyo, Japan; Annual Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Congress May 17-19, 2018 Singapore ; Top Pharmaceutical Conferences ;13th World Congress on Pharmacology and Toxicology May 24-25, 2018 Osaka, Japan; International conference on Pharmaceutics June 18-19, 2018 Tokyo, Japan; International Meeting On Nutraceuticals   March 19-20, 2018 Singapore ; Novel Drug Delivery Conferences ; Global Experts Meeting On Clinical Research and Clinical Trials August 13-14, 2018 Tokyo, Japan ; Pharma Conferences ; 3rd Global Pharma Congress Oct 29-30, 2018 Osaka, Japan   ; NDDS Conferences ; International Conference And Exhibition On Nanomedicine and Nanotechnology October 15-17, 2018 Tokyo, Japan    ; 17th Annual Medicinal & Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress July 03-04, 2018  Bangkok, Thailand ; Pharmaceutical Conferences ; 5th International Conference on Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Engineering September 19-20, 2018 Singapore; EuroSciCon ;12th Global Ethnomedicine and Ethnopharmacology Conference August 20-21, 2018 Tokyo, Japan;  International Conference on Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy October 26-27, 2018 Osaka, Japan;.

Europe Pharmaceutical Companies

Abiogen Pharma S.p.A. | Actavis Group hf. | Aflofarm Farmacja Polska Sp. z o.o. | Alapis | Alfa Wassermann S.p.A. | Almirall, S.A. | A. Menarini Industrie Farmaceutiche | Riunite Srl | Antibiotics SA | AstraZeneca | Bayer HealthCare AG | Belupo d.d. | betapharm Arzneimittel GmbH | Bial-Portela & CA, S.A. | Bilim Pharmaceuticals | Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH | Bracco S.p.A. | Chiesi Farmaceutici S. P. A. | Combino | Pharm, S.L. | Desitin Arzneimittel GmbH | Deva Holding AS | Dompé Farmaceutici S.p.A. | Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC | Elan Corporation, plc | Elpen Pharmaceutical Co. Inc. | Faes Farma, S.A. | Ferring International Center S.A. | F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG | Galderma Pharma SA | Gedeon Richter Plc | Genepharm Group | Giuliani S.p.A. | GlaxoSmithKline plc | Grünenthal GmbH | Grupo Ferrer Internacional, S.A. | Grupo Medinfar | Hexal AG | H. Lundbeck A/S | Ipsen | Italfarmaco S.p.A. | Jadran Galenski laboratorij d.d. | JSC Grindeks | JSC Olainfarm | Jenapharm GmbH & Co. KG | Kern Pharma S.L. | Kleva Pharmaceuticals S.A. | Krka, d. d., Novo mesto | Laboratórios Basi Industria Farmacêutica, S.A. | Laboratorios Cinfa S.A. | Laboratorios Dr. Esteve, S.A. | Laboratorios Farmacéuticos Rovi, S.A. | Laboratori Guidotti SpA | Laboratorios Salvat S.A. | LaborMed Pharma SA | Lacer, S.A. | Lavipharm | Lek d.d. | Leo Pharma A/S | Meda AB | Medochemie Ltd | Mepha Pharma AG | Merck KGaA | Merz GmbH & Co. | KGaA | Mipharm SpA | MN Pharmaceuticals | Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited | Nobel Ilaç San. Tic. A.S.

USA Pharmaceutical Companies

Gilead Sciences | Johnson & Johnson | Pfizer | Abbott Laboratories | Bristol Myers Squibb | Amgen | Biogen Idec | Celgine Corporation | Merck & Co | Eli Lilly | Pharma Conferences | Acura Pharmaceuticals | Alexion Pharmaceuticals | AMRI Global | Apricus Biosciences | BioCryst Pharmaceuticals | Biovista | Top Pharmaceutical Conferences | Ceragenix Pharmaceuticals | Coherus BioSciences | Dynax pharmaceuticals | Endo International plc | Ensemble Therapeutics | Fabre-Kramer Pharmaceuticals | Genentech | H. K. Mulford Company | EuroSciCon | Impax Laboratories | Insys Therapeutics | NDDS Conferences | Jones Pharma | KaloBios Pharmaceuticals | Pharmaceutical Conferences | Lexicon Pharmaceuticals | Marathon Pharmaceuticals | Novel Drug Delivery Conferences | Meyer Brothers Drug Company | NovaBay Pharmaceuticals | Nephroceuticals | Ovation Pharmaceuticals | Peregrine Pharmaceuticals | Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America | Proteon Therapeutics | Quark Pharmaceuticals | Reliant Pharmaceuticals | Sagent Pharmaceuticals | Sucampo Pharmaceuticals | Tonix Pharmaceuticals | EuroSciCon Conferences | Verus Pharmaceuticals

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Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences | International Journal of Pharmaceutics | The Pharmaceutical Journal | Pharmaceutical Research | European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics | Molecular Pharmaceutics | European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences | Asian Journal of Pharmaceutics | Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology  | Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences | Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy | Journal of Pharmacy Practice | American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education | International Journal of Drug Development & Research | Journal of Bioequivalence & Bioavailability | Journal of Bioanalysis & Biomedicine | Journal of Pharmacogenomics & Pharmacoproteomics | Journal of Vaccines & Vaccination | Journal of Drug Metabolism & Toxicology | Drug Designing: Open Access | Medicinal & Aromatic Plants | Journal of Biomolecular Research & Therapeutics | Research & Reviews in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences | Journal of Molecular Pharmaceutics & Organic Process Research | Journal of Developing Drugs | Journal of Pharmaceutics & Drug Delivery Research | Molecular Enzymology and Drug Targets | Research & Reviews: Journal of Pharmaceutics and Nanotechnology | Journal of Pharmacokinetics & Experimental Therapeutics

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Pharmaceutical Jobs

Research Associate & Research Scientist - FR&D in Trikona Pharmaceuticals Private Limited | Pharmacist - Pentagon Global Solutions Limited | QA/QC in MSN Laboratories | Sr. Executive/asst. Manager/manager-Pharma Techni in Arihant Innochem Pvt Ltd | Sr. Executive / Exe IPR Formulation- Leading Pharma in Harman Finochem Ltd | Apotex- Analytical R&D Opportunity | Junior Research Fellow in South India Textile Research Association | Research & Development (F&D) in Zim Laboratories Limited | Sr Research Associate Formulations R&D in Celon Laboratories Ltd | Sr. Officer F & D (Pharmaceutics) in SMVA Consultants | Manager in Torrel Cos. Pvt. Ltd | Quality Assurance in Suven Life Sciences Ltd | Risk Management Plan  Manager in Novartis | Associate Global Trial Director in Novartis  | Product Manager - Ophthalmology | Cardio-Diabetes for Pharma company  | Brand Manager | Product Executive in Senses pharmaceuticals ltd | Stores Clerk in Aristo Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. | Area Sales Manager in East West Pharma (Pvt) Ltd

Pharmaceutical Products

Nasal sprays‎ | Transdermal patches | Analytical nebulizer | Infusion pump |  Jet injector | Bifurcated needle | Cypher stent | Dry-powder inhaler | Drug-eluting stent  | Elixir | Epinephrine autoinjector | HumaPen | Mouthwash | Nanoneedle | Ommaya reservoir | Phonophoresis | Pill splitting | Rebiject II | Relative analgesia machine | Vesosome | Zydis


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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!